Post One

Hi everyone! My name is Kelsi Baldwin. I am 23 years old from Huntersville, North Carolina, right outside of Charlotte. I am a transfer student from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. I transferred during what would have been the beginning of my senior year at UNCW simply because I was ready for a change (crazy, right?). I am still considered a senior, but am unsure when exactly I will graduate due to how things are working out with transfer credits. I participated in the Disney College Program from August 2015 until May 2016, interning with the Park Event Operations team in Florida, then moved to Provo in January 2017 to start my journey with UVU. I am aiming to pursue a career in corporate event management.

The first four chapters made me more excited for this class. I have taken a class similar to this at UNCW and enjoyed the conversations we had. I love traveling and exploring different cultures. I was able to visit Italy and France this past summer, which sparked my desire to travel even more. I wanted to avoid more of the large tourist spots and immerse myself in more of the day to day lives of the cities I was in. I wanted to know more of their languages and ways of life. With my interest in corporate events, knowing how to communicate professionally with different cultures will benefit me so much while planning conventions or working with teams based in different parts of the world. 

I loved that motivation was pointed out as the largest factor in the success of intercultural communication. If a real desire to be successful for whatever reason is not there, it will be obvious that it is not genuine and will not be as clearly understood. I also see the importance of self-knowledge. You have to be aware of how you communicate and what vibes you send off. Knowing that I have strengths in showing empathy, listening intently, and showing emotion in my voice can help me use those to better get my message across. Knowing that I am not the best at always using eye contact, talk fast when I get nervous, and can get fidgety when speaking in front of a crowd can also benefit me because I know what to look out for and what to work on. 

I think what will help me become the most successful at communicating with different cultures is my motivation and my empathy. As mentioned before, I do have a large motivation for learning about other cultures and being fully immersed in their world. I want to be able to fully experience the places I plan to visit and to have strong enough skills to get to know the people more than just the place. I also have been known to be very empathetic. I feel things very strongly, and when people choose to talk to me I can really feel for them. When I watch movies or hear stories about people and their situations, I can really feel like I am a part of that story as well. This has helped me so much in life because I have been able to be a true friend and offer help in ways I did not think I could before. It also helps me grow and be stronger as well. I learn to be grateful, and to open up when needed. I also learn the importance and value of love. No matter the situation, in the end most people just need to feel love. Being able to have empathy allows me to know what kind of love I am able to give. 

I am excited to see where else this class goes and the conversations we will have!

            my boyfriend and I in Florence, Italy